Many people are looking for that “Hollywood Smile”, and we’ve found that “Teeth Whitening” is one of the terms most commonly searched for on Google when it comes to dentistry. There are so many products of different quality and cost on the market and it can be confusing. The professionals at CrossKeys Dental can help you safely brighten your smile by many shades in just a few days. Here are 5 reasons that professional whitening is the right choice for your smile.

1)      The custom tray –  Professional whitening systems often include the production of clear, discreet, custom-fitted tray. A major complaint regarding whitening is the burning sensation in the gums because of the spreading of gel. OTC treatments make this difficult to avoid, and can cut your whitening time short due to discomfort. Professional whitening trays are made to fit your teeth perfectly and comfortably. When made correctly, and with the gel applied the right way, whitening your teeth should be a comfortable experience that can be done at work, at home or even when you sleep.

2)      The quality – Sure, over the counter treatments can be cheap, but they can be lower concentrations or of lesser quality. These systems often include gels delivered on flimsy tape that can be tough to apply. As I mentioned above, too much gel on the gums can burn, and it is usually difficult to put these tapes on your teeth without smearing gel in places you don’t want it to be. The tape can also be tough to keep in place and they are often a nuisance to your lips and tongue. They are also much easier to see than the above-mentioned custom trays, so whitening at work or while on the go is not as convienient.

3)      Help with sensitivity - If you’re the sensitive type, we can help get you through the often uncomfortable sensitivity that comes with teeth whitening. I always recommend the use of an anti-sensitivity toothpaste or additional fluoride in the form of a mouthwash after whitening at home. Some patients have a history of painful whitening, or have gum recession, so our office can provide fluoride treatments in the form of a quickly-applied varnish or a gel fluoride tray.  In extreme cases such as root exposure, bonding agents can be used to protect teeth from sensitivity. Fluoride helps decrease sensitivity by strengthening enamel and blocking microscopic tubules in tooth structure that may lead to the nerve.

4)      The choices – Many dentists, including CrossKeys Dental, offer multiple options for concentrations of whitening. You can “touch up” your whitening in as little as 30 minutes or where a tray overnight and any length of time in-between. With the help of your dentist you can find a treatment that offers maximum results in a convenient timeframe.

5)      The cost – Sure, the up-front cost of the custom tray(s) is greater than purchasing many OTC systems, however a well-maintained tray can be used for many treatments over years. Since the gel sold in our office is less expensive than many OTC systems of professional quality, you may actually spend less money with our system after multiple rounds of whitening.  A search for a professional quality whitening systems reveals prices upwards of $40.00 – 60.00. I even found one online that was $144.00! Don’t do that to yourself – give CrossKeys Dental a call!

CrossKeys Dental offers the Opalescence Whitening system. Your Custom tray can be made same day, giving you whiter teeth as early as tomorrow! For more information on Opalescence, visit Please talk to me, Dr. DuPre՛ or any member of our staff for details.


CrossKeys Dental is located at 110 CrossKeys Office Park in Fairport. Dr. DuPre` and Dr. Badali provide comprehensive family dentistry and are always welcoming new patients. Visit us for more information. Written by Vincent Badali, DDS