Prevention is the cornerstone of you oral health, helping to maintain the condition of your teeth and their
supporting tissues. Our hygienists have decades of experience that translates into effective and gentle
cleanings using some of the latest hygiene techniques.  Our staff is here to educate you to do your best at home to avoid cavities, periodontal disease and other problems that can effect your smile. Nothing in dental care is more important than your regular exam and cleaning. Allow the dentists at CrossKeys Dental in Fairport to diagnose small problems before they require more complex and expensive treatment.

CrossKeys Dental utilizes the latest in digital X-ray technology, allowing us to capture crystal-clear images while using lower doses of radiation than traditional X-ray units. With this technology we can immediately display images on an in-room monitor, helping patients to take an active role in their dental care.

CrossKeys Dental provides comprehensive care which begins with a full intraoral exam at your cleaning appointment. Our doctors examine your teeth for cavities, provide basic periodontal screening to determine the health of your gums, and evaluate soft tissues for oral cancers and other diseases that effect the oral cavity.We look forward the being your trusted source when it comes to your routine dental visits!


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Periodontal disease