Otherwise know as a dental filling, operative dentistry is the term used for the removal of decay and the rebuild that restores form and function to the tooth. The dentists at CrossKeys dental in Fairport use current anesthetic and restorative techniques to help keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. There are many types of materials that are used as fillings. Our office most often provides the most esthetic of tooth colored resins. All of the materials that we utilize have been rigorously tested for strength, quality and safety. We're happy to explain the differences at your next visit.

CrossKeys Dental also provides onlay and inlay procedures for instances when a standard filling may not suffice, but a full crown may be excessive. These are lab-fabricated pieces, which can be tooth-colored, that are permanently cemented in place to offer superior strength.

We also provide dental sealants. These a proven to prevent decay by providing a coating to the chewing surface of back teeth (most often molars). A resin material is painted on and hardened into the pits in grooves that are most vulnerable to decay. This helps to prevent plaque trapping which can lead to cavities

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