The answer is YES! And we're coming close to making every injection tolerable, and most of them painless. How? The key is in something called the gate control theory. CrossKeys Dental has recently begun to employ a device that puts this theory to work, with the hope of making the fear of a shot in the dentist's office a thing of the past!

It has been found that pressure and vibration, or non-noxious, sensations are carried by insulated nerve fibers that allow for faster transmission than the uninsulated fibers that carry pain sensation. These two types of fibers meet at a "gate" in the central nervous system that decides which sensations will reach the brain.  In a nutshell, the gate control theory posits that since the vibration-sensing nerves allow for faster travel to the brain, overwhelming the "gate" with vibration makes it is difficult for pain sensation to reach the brain. 

At CrossKeys Dental we have started to put this theory to the test with a device called the Vibraject. It's a battery-operated unit that clips to our syringe and vibrates like a cell phone while we deliver anesthesia. This vibration is felt at the injection site causing the patient to feel that sensation rather than the pinch of the shot, and we thank the gate control theory for that!

We have gotten great feedback from our patients, especially those that consider themselves "babies" when it comes the injection. Let us know if you have any questions the next time you come to visit. 

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