4 Common Complaints Heard in the Dentist's Office

There are a few things that we dentists hear more often than others. Here are a few of them… but we have a solution for each of them, so worry no more!

1)    Cavities: Bacteria that live in plaque produce acids. This leads to tooth decay if not cleaned by brushing and flossing. In a nutshell, tooth decay is nothing more than an acid burn due to a bacterial infection.

2)    Bad breath: We call it malodor, or halitosis. Many patients will blame pungent foods that they are eating. While this can contribute, other causes are more often the culprit.  The most common problem? Poor hygiene… Lots (AND LOTS) of bacteria call your mouth home. They live in the plaque and tarter that builds up on your teeth and gums. If you let this continue, you may find yourself with gingivitis or its advanced counterpart, periodontitis. These conditions bring an often very specific odor. This is another reason that we tell you to brush and floss every day!

3)    Receding gums: This may be aggressive tooth brushing, but it can also be periodontitis. This condition not only leads to bad breath as noted above, but it also leads to poor attachment of your gums to you tooth and jaw bone.

4)    Canker sores: We call these aphthous ulcers. They are painful lesions, but they are harmless and are usually gone after about 10 days. Stress, diet and a weakening of the immune system are said to contribute to their generation. If they happen frequently let us know at your next visit. We often recommend an OTC product called Rincinol® PRN to help soothe the sore and allow it to heal. It’s a great product for when you bite your cheek or tongue as well!


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