CrossKeys Dental provides treatment in relaxed, roomy operatories with floor to ceiling windows that offer plenty of light. The office has a classic feel, rounded out by our warm and inviting staff. We want you to feel like you are at home. This comfort is complemented by up-to-date technology that allows us to provide the most current care.

  • Digital radiography using X-ray sensors that rely upon drastically reduced levels of radiation when compared to conventional X-rays.
  • Color and sharpness enhanced radiographic images that help our patients understand what their dentist sees.
  • Intraoral cameras allow us to capture images of damaged teeth and gums. This means no more wondering what your dentist is seeing inside your mouth.
  • We have transitioned to electronic health records. We are doing away with paper charting, allowing us to maintain clean, easy to reference files that can be accessed all in one place. This also allows us to communicate with your physicians and specialists more easily and quickly than ever before.
  • All of this is seen on easy to read HD monitors that allow for better explanations to the patient as well as more accurate diagnostic ability. You will be able to see exactly how our dentists make decisions and will be a major part of that process.

What’s the most important part? We take the time to use this technology so that you never feel rushed and always feel like your input is our most important factor when planning your treatment.